Let me start out by saying – don’t get your hopes up. I just wanted to share these before they hit the recycle bin.

K’Naan’s original “Wavin’ Flag” was awesome. It felt moving, inspirational, honest, and important. I’m happy that K’naan is getting international success with this World Cup/Coca Cola campaign, but why do they keep changing this song? Every time, it seems like their only goal is to take away a little bit of its original charm. Next version will probably feature that chick from Paramore and Bruce Springsteen. Oh well. I’m gonna stay rocking the original.

K’naan ft. Will.I.Am, David Guetta – Wavin’ Flag

If you don’t know, here’s the short story. Shyne recently got out of jail, and the minute he got out, he was deported back to Belize (his dad is the prime minister there, but they don’t get along). Everyone was sad on some “laws apply to rappers?” shit. Thankfully, Def Jam stepped in and offered him a 7 figure deal. But uh oh, apparently while in jail, Shyne lost his voice, and it’s showing no signs of coming back. He sounds like he’s in need of an oxygen tank. (He used to sound like this) Not really sure what Def Jam was thinking.

Shyne – Messiah

And then there’s always some new Ricky. I don’t even know what to say about it. I think that may be the worst sign for a song – when there’s just absolutely nothing to say about it. It’s got Rick Ross in it. Ne-Yo is singing a chorus. That’s it.

Rick Ross ft. Ne-Yo – Super High