Tuesdays are always crazy for music. I don’t really know the history of it (anybody know?), but for some reason Tuesday is the designated album drop day for most mainstream stuff in America. It seems like that somehow trickled down to everyone else on the planet deciding it was the day to drop new music, which makes for a hectic internet. My desktop looks something like Octomom’s living room after a play session, but there’s definitely a lot of stuff worth checking out so don’t pass these over. Usually I call this “Loose Ends and Leftovers” but I didn’t even want to label these leftovers. Here we go.

First up is a couple tracks from Das Racist. I’ve been hearing about these guys for a while now, and today I decided it was time to stop ignoring the buzz. For some reason I always thought they were an electronic group. They’re not. It’s hip-hop out of Brooklyn, but very unique and on some right-now shit. Judging by the looks of them on their MySpace, they seem to be a unique-for-hip-hop group of guys. I wanna say two of them are Middle Eastern and one is Latino, but I won’t, because I don’t know for sure, and judging people based on their looks is lame because das racist. See what I did there? Very nice Billy Joel sample flip on “You Oughta Know”.

Das Racist – Rainbow in the Dark | YouSendIt

Das Racist – You Oughta Know | YouSendIt

Next up is Marky going in over Diddy’s new Dirty Money track. This is off his Rest Stop 2 leading up to his upcoming Markyland mixtape. I usually steer clear of these mixtape joints going in over industry beats but to be honest, I like this more than the original. I just deleted the original and replaced with this. Definitely look out for this guy – he’s been going extra hard lately.

Marky – Hello, Good Evening | Mediafire

And now for a complete change of pace in true Pigeons and Planes fashion, is an acoustic duo called Ivan and Alyosha that I heard on The Music Ninja. The song is simple, with an acoustic guitar strumming alongside a laid back stomping beat and a great melody. Today I found that this was perfect background music for cooking shrimp curry and drinking red wine.

Ivan and Alyosha – Easy To Love

New Little Brother is always a good addition. This is the latest leak from their upcoming Leftback album, dropping 4/20. The beat is a little busy, but to me, Little Brother’s strong point has always been the lyricism and energy and both of those qualities shine through on this one.

Little Brother – 24 ft. Torae

Young Scolla is another up and coming emcee that has been showing up more and more on my radar recently. He’s definitely showing constant improvement, and really distinguishing himself from the pack with heartfelt lyrics and a flow that can carry a song. I’m looking forward to seeing what else he has in store for his upcoming Potluck mixtape. Here’s a taste.

Young Scolla – Give Me A Sign

*Starts breathing heavily* Last one. This one from twins Tegan and Sara’s Sainthood has been remixed to death, but luckily I’ve ignored most of them, so I can appreciate this synthed-out yet still laid back interpretation.

Tegan and Sara – Alligator (Toro Y Moi Remix)