You already know. And if you don’t, you’ve been dozing. It’s your weekly mash-up rationings, snitches! Courtesy of (who else?) The White Panda.

Here’s another release from The White Panda. We hope to continue these weekly. This brand new release is titled “Picture The Donque” with Sneaky Sound System and Will.I.Am ft. Snoop Dogg. We hope you like it. We’re also including an older track that predates most of our internet outreach that you might enjoy. It’s titled “Stuntin’ Like My Energy” with Lil Wayne and Keri Hilson. We hope to get our first mixtape out to y’all around the end of the year.

The White Panda – Picture The Donque (Sneaky Soundsystem vs Will.I.Am vs Snoop Dogg) | YouSendIt

The White Panda – Stuntin’ Like My Energy (Lil Wayne vs Keri Hilson) | YouSendIt

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