Dekk is a producer, and this the first instrumental he’s posted up on his blog. I’ve heard some of his other work, and this guy has talent. He has the uncanny ability to morph sounds to fit different styles and change the mood. This one reminds me of Kanye’s “Paranoid” beat. So rappers looking for beats: get at Dekk.

Here’s his description of the track:
“Something about this track reminded me of a day at the arcade and a mouth full of Sour Patch Kids.. Like, saving all your Skee Ball tickets for a huge bag ya dig? This is the first of many instrumentals to be posted on my blog… It is my wish that some of you drink too much and dance… I know that I did while making it… Shouts to Tim for helping me fix the chorus and mix the damn thing…

Dekk – Sour Patch Kids (Instrumental)