Young Thug isn’t used to taking losses in his career, but he, unfortunately, became Las Vegas’s latest victim. 

On Sunday, Thugger took to Instagram where he revealed he lost nearly $1 million at the tables.

“Man, Vegas just won $800,000 from me, man,” Thug said in his IG Stories. “Man I threw liquor everywhere in the motherfucker.”

Although Thug’s off night cost him a lot of money, the rapper is far from hurting. In fact, he could make that $800K back and some just by doing one show. During a conversation with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Thug reveals that he gets a smooth ticket just to hit the stage. 

“[A million],” Thug said when asked his show rate. He went on to suggest that this is the pandemic discount since we’re in the middle of a global crisis.

“I went down because of the pandemic,” he added. “I ain’t did a show in so long because I want too much money, man.”

This is no kizzy either. In Jan. 2020, Thug was paid $1.5 million to perform a 45-minute set. He broke the news on his Instagram in a now-deleted post that was captioned, “1.5 for a 45-minute show. #ThankUGod.”