YK Osiris has taken the #MilkCrateChallenge plunge, albeit unsuccessfully.

To be fair, the challenge—which has taken off in recent weeks on TikTok and elsewhere—isn’t exactly designed for guaranteed success. In fact, a quick scroll through other peoples’ entries shows that completing the task of maintaining one’s balance across a stacked assortment of crates does indeed require some difficult maneuvering.

In a clip shared on Sunday, Osiris is seen giving the challenge a go as Boosie Badazz looks on. Earlier in the day, the latter had promised $1,000 to anyone who was able to nail the challenge. Once Osiris gets to the highest section of the assortment of crates, he’s seen taking a tumble and ultimately falling on his back. 

In a follow-up clip, Osiris is seen driving away from the scene of the challenge, joking in the caption that he was on his way to the hospital “after almost breaking my back.”