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Tyrese Gibson was caught posting comments during the Earth, Wind and Fire vs. Isley Brothers Verzuz, and people weren’t impressed with what he had to say.

The singer-songwriter and Fast and Furious actor has previously trended for making perplexing comments in inappropriate places in the past, most notably when it comes to his divorce from Samantha Lee Gibson, and his comments during the Verzuz event were no less eyebrow-raising. Obviously, most of the viewers were focused on the event at hand, but plenty of Tyrese’s comments were out-there enough to catch plenty of attention from observant viewers.

He made comments about how he “couldn’t even get a second album out of TGT,” his R&B supergroup with Tank and Ginuwine, but it was what he shared about his mother that prompted his name to trend on Twitter. “Hate that my mother used to drink everyday,” he wrote nonchalantly in the chat. “But SHE’s the reason I know REAL MUSIC!” 

As previously mentioned, this is far from the first time he’s been clowned online for oversharing, or just straight-up making strange comments. Last year he caused a bit of a stir when he commented on Tammy and Kirk Franklin’s anniversary post to let everyone know he misses his wife, and in December he suggested that he’s managed to stay clear of COVID-19 by sleeping “with the heat on 90 degrees every night” because “rumor has it if you catch COVID it doesn’t survive warm temperatures.”

Check out reactions to Tyrese’s ever-bizarre online presence below.