Toosii skyrocketed into the mainstream in 2020. Now, he’s looking to continue this ascension with his first single of 2021, “back together.”

For the track that was released on Friday, Toosii took Kaleem Taylor’s single, “Feel,” underwater to create a sample-laced instrumental to mesh with his autotuned vocals.

He then creates a song that allows him to cleverly prove his worth to a woman without relinquishing any control of the situation.

“Dope boy, pills, drugs, weed, lean by the liter, everything been on me/Say you ain’t tryna get back together ‘til I get myself back together” he sings towards the end of the chorus. “Don’t even rush, just take time/I be indecisive, I know, but I make time. … You don’t got a heart, but it’s cool, you could take mine.”

In the song’s video, Toosii takes viewers down memory lane. They get to watch the artist reminisce over the good times he spent with a past lover before he’s forced to deal with the harsh reality.

“back together” will be featured on Toosii’s new mixtape Thank You For Believing which is set to release on May 7. Listen to Toosii’s new single above.