Getting hyped up for the Super Bowl during the middle of a worldwide pandemic is something of a mixed bag. Watching the big game with your buddies is a lot less fun over Zoom, but it also means less competition for the good nachos, so win some, lose some, I guess. There is, however, one big thing to look forward to Sunday: The Weeknd performing the halftime show.

On the heels of his massive 2020, the Canadian mega-star is set to headline the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show, a.k.a. the evening’s main event for those who don’t actually care about football and/or which companies plunked down millions in ad dollars to create some fresh new CGI abomination in the hopes of selling you soda. And one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be appointment viewing, thanks to reports that Abel put down $7 million of his own money in order to bring his vision for the show to life.

It’s anyone’s guess what exactly that vision will be, but in the same way you can wager on everything from the outcome of the coin toss to what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach to whether the first touchdown will be scored by a player with a last name ending in ‘s’ (OK, fine, I made that last one up), there are plenty of prop bets surrounding the halftime show too.

Here’s a look at the latest Vegas odds for Abel’s halftime performance, via Bodog.