Our Favorite Super Bowl LV Prop Bets

There are a ton of prop bets you can wager on for Super Bowl LV, but we highlighted our favorites to gamble on to make watching the big game a little more fun

Patrick Mahomes Tom Brady November 2020

TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 29: Tom Brady (12) of the Buccaneers shakes hands with Patrick Mahomes (15) of the Chiefs after the regular season game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 29, 2020 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Patrick Mahomes Tom Brady November 2020

If you're a gambler, it's the most wonderful time of the year.

That's because one of our favorite features about the Super Bowl is the plethora of prop bets—aka novelty or side wagers—offered up at various legal and illegal sportsbooks that have absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of the game. Often ridiculous, completely random, and never available during the regular or postseason, prop bets are a gambler's guilty pleasure—you know you shouldn't touch them, but sometimes they're just too damn enticing to resist. And as many are well aware, sportsbooks are famous for producing truly absurd wagers only available for the most popular event on the American sports calendar.    

Our friends at Bovada sent over 10 pages of prop bets last week and below we highlighted nine that we either thought presented a good return on investment or found to be too much fun to pass up. Your favorite sportsbook, or neighborhood bookie, should similarly have plenty of props available so do some shopping, find the best odds, or the craziest wager imaginable, and throw some money on a prop to make things a little more interesting Sunday.

For those not so well-versed in sports gambling, it works like this: -110 means you have to bet $110 to win $100 while +400 means you would win $400 on a $100 wager. 

Over 1:59: -110

Under 1:59: -130

From moment they sing the first word until they complete saying “brave” for the first time. Winners subject to sportsbook’s discretion.

Always, always, always take the over. Getting the nod to sing in front of an audience of well over 100 million is kind of a big deal so Church and Sullivan (not familiar with ‘em, but congrats on getting the gig) will almost assuredly use the time to shine like never before. And there’s a good chance Church will be strumming a guitar that slows down the process. Research will tell you that your average Super Bowl national anthem takes 1:55, according to Oddsshark. But the last time the big game was kicked off with a duet-ed anthem, it took Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville 2:09 from first note to the “brave,” according to Oddsshark.

Patrick Mahomes: Even

Tom Brady: -140

Seems pretty safe that Brady would get the nod here since the media is going gaga over the 43-year-old’s 10th Super Bowl appearance. While some of us are sick of TB12, CBS is going to milk his triumphant return to the big game like you’re probably not prepared for. Mahomes almost feels like an afterthought. 

Heads: -105

Tails: -105

If you subscribe to the “tails never fails” theory, you might be onto something. At least recently. Tails has hit five of the last seven Super Bowls and overall it’s successful 53 percent of the time in 54 Super Bowls, according to TheLines.com

Tom Brady: +400

You can take a flier on just about any offensive player and plenty of defensive players on this prop. But Brady at 4-1 feels like good value because if the Bucs find themselves on the goal line, you know Tampa Bay will not hesitate to call on the GOAT of the 1-yard QB sneak to hit paydirt. Notably, Brady had three rushing touchdowns during the regular-season and one in the playoffs. However, Brady has never rushed for a TD in his previous nine Super Bowl appearances.

What will be the Weeknd’s first song?


Yes: +700

No: -1600

I can’t keep track of the Weeknd’s personal life. At a previous gig, sure, I had to be on top of things like this—ask Joe La Puma about it. As best I can tell nowadays, the two are not an item since fans seems to think his plastic surgery look in the “Save Your Tears” video was a dig at his supermodel ex. Who fucking knows? And who fucking cares? Despite the prohibitive juice on it, I would advise you bet your rent money on no.

Over 1.5: -120

Under 1.5: -120

Excludes halftime and commercials. Live broadcast only and according to the official Super Bowl Transcript.

I’d lean toward the over. The 2020 season was the most ridiculous in NFL history and when CBS's Jim Nantz and Tony Romo inevitably reference the hardships the Bucs and Chiefs endured just to get to Super Bowl LV, they’re going to pan to Goodell and praise the NFL’s supreme commander for shepparding the league through a pandemic. You just need one more appearance to hit the over and, let’s be frank; Goodell could get referenced and shown again for a million other reasons. It’s much safer to the take the over here with no difference in odds.

Goes up: -145

Goes down: +105

Bet is on the price at the beginning of the game compared to the price at games end. Times are determined by NFL Gamebook. https://bitcoinaverage.com/ will be used to settle the wager.

If you’ve recently checked out r/WallStreetBets or you’re one of those cool youths dabbling in app-based day trading, why the fuck not get in on this random Super Bowl prop action like this? After consulting with a former Bitcoin investor, I’ve been told not to expect much trading during the big game. But man, does Bitcoin seriously fluctuate on a daily basis and a quick look at its recent charts has me leaning toward “goes down.” Just because you’re getting positive odds and last Sunday Bitcoin took a little nosedive during the window the Super Bowl will be played in.

What color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach?

Andy Reid Gatorade Bath Super Bowl LIV

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