The Game doesn’t have high expectations for the unconfirmed Soulja Boy-Aaron Carter boxing match.

Just days after it was reported that Celebrity Boxing put an actual offer on the table for both guys to get in the ring, asked The Game to share his thoughts on the potential fight. 

“I think it’s gonna be a sloppy slugfest, you know what I’m saying, most definitely,” the 41-year-old Compton rapper told the news outlet. “But, I think Draco could put him down, man, in about the second round, because I’ve seen Lamar Odom and I’ve seen Aaron Carter, and it looked bad for Aaron in there.”

Despite his lack of enthusiasm, Game added that he’s a big fan and supporter of celebrity boxing.

“You know, with this new wave of fighting … I like it,” he said. “I like that regular people, rappers, like entertainers, YouTubers are getting a chance to like, you know, dive into other sports.”

Earlier this week, Carter told TMZ that he’d “rip apart” Soulja Boy in a potential boxing match. “He just won’t respond. A lot of these guys in the industry—that do the same thing I do—they almost like to pretend I don’t exist. That’s because my record sales and my numbers, and my concerts in 26 years of longevity scares them, it threatens them.”

Soulja Boy was quick to respond, suggesting that he would easily win in a fight.

“Aaron Carter, whoever the fuck you is, I just seen some shit on Shade Room talking ‘bout you wanna box,” said Soulja Boy in a video shared to his Instagram Story. “Boy, I’ll beat the candy out your pockets. Ain’t you the n***a that had the songs like, ‘I Want Candy?’ I’ll beat the candy out of your pockets, n***a. What the fuck is you talking about? Fuck Aaron Carter! Who the fuck is Aaron Carter? Aaron Carter, you a bitch. I’ll beat the tattoos off your face, white boy.”