Producer: T.T
Album: The Dynasty: Roc La Familia
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

Jay was always vocal about his strained relationship with his father, Agnes Reeves. Jay's pops split from the family when he was 11-years-old, and never returned, leaving Jay to walk the path to manhood alone. Jay had obvious angst for Agnes, and he addressed it on “Where Have You Been”—quite possibly Jay's most heartfelt and vulnerable record to date.

Holding nothing back, Jay laid into father: “Fuck you very much, you showed me the worst kind of pain,” and later rubbed his success in his pop's face, letting him know he'd made it without him: “Mommy driving sixes now/I got riches now/I bought a nice home for both of my sisters now/We doing real good/We don't miss you now/See how life turns around, fucker.”

“Where Have You Been” showcased Jay's versatility as an artist as he tackled a sensitive issue and spoke for millions of fatherless children around the globe. Plus, the song silenced critics who claimed Jigga was shallow and one-dimensional.