Producer: Diddy, Sean C & LV
Album: American Gangster
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

Puffy and his Hitmen had a major influence on 1997's In My Lifetime Vol. 1, but the public at large didn't seem to think much of those records. Needless to say, the working relationship between the two camps soon dissolved. Fast forward ten years and a newly relaunched Hitmen returned to the scene with a fresh sound that was big in every way: Big drums, bigger horns.

The bold, brassy sound was a throwback to the era portrayed in the film, American Gangster, and Jay-Z created the perfect accompanying soundtrack, even though it didn't actually appear in the film. If each track on American Gangster represented a scene from the movie, “Roc Boys” no doubt portrayed the high point of the film—when Frank and family are balling out of control. Deep pockets, beautiful women, extravagant clothes. Yes, the Roc Boys were definitely in the building.