Producer: Kanye West
Album: The Fix
Label: Def Jam South/Island Def Jam/Universal Records

How does Hov do it? Time and again he makes the impossible, possible. Case in point: “This Can't Be Life” from his Dynasty album.

Bucking conventional hip-hop protocols, Jay put rappers from four of the five biggest cities in the U.S. on one track with excellent results. This could have easily been a monstrous mess, but somehow Jay made it work.

On “Guess Who's Back,” the foursome of Jay, Scarface, Beanie Sigel, and Kanye West returned for a second round, and proved that their first outing was no fluke. While “This Can't Be Life” was more of a meaningful record, “Guess Who's Back” was a classic shit-talking, skill-flexing showdown. The Philly, Houston, Chitown and BK emceees favored no particular region—this one was all about hip-hop.