Producer: Polow da Don
Album: The State vs. Radric Davis
Label: 1017 Brick Squad, Aslyum, Warner Bros.

Polow da Don's biggest contribution to Gucci's pop career was the dynamic production on "I Think I Luv Her," which chugged along on distorted bass and the help of a stand-out guest spot from none other than Ester Dean. (Dean would go on to become a songwriter for some of the biggest pop songs of the next few years.) With the best male-female point-counterpoint performance since Trick and Trina, "I Think I Luv Her" went heavy on the interplay between the two artists. Dean's voice has a gritty, acidic femininity. Gucci was in prime ironic lovestruck mode, here, nearly sobbing as he cried over a metaphorical woman: "How neat! She loves to eat! We eat! Bon Appetite! We feast! She so neat!"