Producer: Zaytoven
Album: The Burrprint: The Movie 3-D
Label: So Icey Ent.

Gucci's hinted at considerable personal drama, although it's the kind that might pass by in a flurry of slurred syllables if one isn't paying close attention. "Frowney Face," a clever flip of Trey Songz's hit "LOL Smiley Face" from that same summer, provided a glance at the underlying turmoil in Gucci's life. For those who could only follow along from home, his story was shrouded in mystery: there were the charges for assault with a pool cue, the horrifying video of him attempting to strike Mac Bree-z, the no-shows, the sold-out shows, the arrest rumors. There was his conflict with Jeezy, his street affiliations, the attempt on his life. There was the shooting of his protege, OJ Da Juiceman. And Gucci was an enigmatic personality.

"Frowney Face" gave us a peak into his world, through his eyes. From its opening bars, one gets the feeling he's facing death: "Tried to wet me up, shot up my truck in East Atlanta," begins verse one. "Put some money on my head, I had to move to Alabama." He goes into details about selling coke, conflicts during jail time ("They put me in the hole because I beat him like a hammer"), the attempt on Juice's life, and then the attempt on his own. The second verse goes on to address his situation with former label Big Cat Records, but it's the final lines of the first verse that strike hardest: "Two tear-drops under my eye because I wish some days I could cry/But to lose my self-respect, my nigga I would rather die."