Producer: Zaytoven
Album: Writing On The Wall
Label: So Icey Ent.

After spending several months in jail on a probation violation, Gucci returned to the world as free man, but the world had just begun to catch up to him. The buzz from 2008's The Movie mixtape (and the six previous Wilt Chamberlin, tapes, Gucci Sosa, Zone 6 To Duval and EA Sportscenter, among others) had begun to bubble over, reaching even the most out-of-touch New York press boxes. (Ironically, the first single many of them heard was OJ Da Juiceman's "Make the Trap Say Aye," a song that pushed OJ's aesthetic more than Gucci's). While he sat behind bars, his asking price skyrocketed, and by spring 2009, the media buzz was in full swing. Once freed, he made a few appearances (including one highly-photographed showing at Studio 72 with R&B starlet Mya) and began recording.

"First Day Out" leaked as an untitled track in mid-March 2009, and ultimately found a home on The Writing's on the Wall, which dropped in mid-May '09. Its real-world parallel with Gucci's life begins and ends with its title and concept, as the song's about a crack dealer's return to the stove after getting out of jail. Unlike so many of his other tracks with Zaytoven around this time, the song's not dense with lyricism. Instead, it employs stark imagery and ominous production, from the opening lines ("Starting out my day with a blunt of purp/No pancakes, just a cup of syrup") to the subtle use of drop-outs in the beat.