Producer: Dr. Dre, Mel-Man
Album: The Marshall Mathers LP
Label: Aftermath/Interscope
Eminem contemplating the power of his words is the basis of "Who Knew." This is Em while the fame is still relatively new—as is the nationwide criticism against him. He weaves from smart-ass ("Oh, you want me to watch my mouth, how?/Take my fuckin' eyeballs out and turn 'em around?") to smart ("Ain't they got the same moms and dads who got mad when I asked if they liked violence?/And told me that my tape taught 'em to swear/What about the makeup you allow your 12-year-old daughter to wear?") Touché. Eminem was far from the first rapper to be targeted for explicit content. But he might be the MC who has spent the most time responding to critics. On "Who Knew," he's still able to tone down his annoyance with plenty of humor.