Producer: DeShaun Holton
Album: The Slim Shady EP
Label: Web Entertainment
Eminem "Murder Murder"
Eminem "Murder Murder (Remix)"
Man, music really does set the mood. Both the original and the Next Friday soundtrack remix of "Murder Murder" bang, but it's the OG version produced by Proof—which has scratching and 2Pac and Masta Ace samples on top of a pensive composition—that humanizes the mayhem in Eminem's descriptive stick-up story. The mellower music helps us to see a guy who is struggling to feed his family as opposed to only witnessing a dude pullin' a lick. The close-your-eyes-and-see-it caper is another episode in which Em gets witty ("I'm thirsty for this green so bad I'm dehydratin'") and visual with the pen (for the sake of scenery, he adds in a flying box of Post Toasties, a stolen Nintendo, and a lost Beanie Baby—the little details add a lot).