Producer: Eminem
Album: Anger Management 3: The Exclusive SHADE 45 Mixtape
Label: N/A
Actually, this is a really hot mixtape verse over a driving beat rather than a complete song, but it makes this list because of its significance: 1) Eminem states the verbal wars are over and declares himself the winner of all his various battles; 2) he offers criticism about the state of the rap nation ("Now it's just gangstas sayin' the same shit"), something he doesn't do that often; and 3) people really responded to the "new language" he spits (funny gibberish that basically finds a different way to say fuck you, suck his dick). But the real show-stopper (literally) is the closing line: "Hip-hop ain't been the same since Tupac moved to Cuba on us." That's no conspiracy, that's just some of the realest shit Eminem ever wrote.