Producer: Eminem, Luis Resto
Album: D12 World
Label: Shady/Interscope
Eminem's celebrity status got so HUGE that it often overshadowed the talents of the Dirty Dozen. In what proved to be their biggest hit as a unit, the buddies decided to g'head and have fun with the Marshall Mania. Eminem has a jolly time pretending to be an arrogant lil' prick who lords over the other members in his "band," the term itself a swipe at not only hated boy bands, but the type of clueless fans who call rappers "singers." The D12 fellas try to get some shine—like when Bizarre says, "Fuck the media, I got some suggestions/Fuck Marshall, ask us the questions"—on this parody upon parody upon parody, but the truth is the clique is having genuine fun spewing endless verses and messing with the choruses.