Produced By: N/A
Album: Demo
Label: N/A

Biz Markie shows up at the start to say what up to the fellas Nas and AZ, but it turns out to be nothing more than a big tease, as he's not heard from again on the rest of this otherwise exceptional demo track that uses Grover Washington Jr.'s "Mister Magic" to full effect. Nas already has the flow down perfectly, it's that just his rhymes are an nth degree off and need a smidgeon of polishing. You'll notice portions of this section ("verbal assassin," "the words of man kill") will be picked and distributed to other more famous Nas rhymes:

Thoughts wilding like insane asylum on Rikers Island
Verbal assassin, I murder freestyling
One, two for the gun crew, three drinking Cristal and
I play the side 'cause the words of man kill
Proverbs, buck out my grill, real as Ill Will, keep still

Nevertheless, it's fascinating to see the inner working of a genius MC in progress.