Produced By: Nashiem Myrick & Carlos Broady
Album: Nastradamus
Label: Ill Will/Columbia

Nas f/ Ronald Isley "Project Windows"

Nas "Project Windows (Original Version)"

Widely considered his weakest album, Nastradamus was not without some quality. Take "Project Windows," for instance, a flashback to not only Nas' childhood ("At night the windows were speakers, pumpin' life out/A fight, people screamin' 'cause somebody pulled a knife out"), but to his early rhyme style. Littered with gems like "so many ways out the 'hood but no signs say out" and "you should chill if you short, prepare deep thought," the album version featured the one-and-only Ron "Mr. Biggs" Isley and his soulful voice doing an excellent job as always. But the stripped-down (unfinished) version that's been passed around the 'Net gives the song a more melancholy feel, reminding us that life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough.