Produced By: Mark Ronson
Album: Untitled
Label: Def Jam

Yes, it's a public service announcement about the dangers of unhealthy eating. But that expired description would be doing a big disservice to this savory serving. Nas and Busta gobble up the full-range, good-for-your-soul instrumentation.

Both Mr. Jones and a refreshed Bussa-Buss impress, but let's go with Nasir's home cooking that shits all over the Colonel's secret recipe (spicy or original), shall we? "You a bird, but you ain't a ki/Got wings, but you can't fly away from me/Driving in your bucket seats all the way from Kentucky to fuck with me/Look what you done to me," he rhymes, before later on continuing, "Lay you down 'cause you're red-hot/Louisiana style, you make my head rot/Then I flock to the bed then, 'Plop!'/When we done, I need rest/Don't know a part of you that I love best/Your legs or your breast/Mrs. Fried Chicken, you gon' be a nigga death." Nas, still serving fresh rhymes daily.