Produced By: Ez Elpee
Album: Nas and Ill Will Records Present QB's Finest
Label: Ill Will/Columbia

Even when he was Nasty Nas, he never got this nasty. You don't expect the Street's Disciple on a record this raunchy, but you probably shouldn't be surprised since at 12 he went to hell for snuffin' Jesus. Apparently, the Bravehearts do not go to parties, but rather rap orgies. This sleazy chickenhead anthem, um, climaxed, if you will, with bodyguard Horse (who infamously paraphrases Biggie at the start of his verse) tearing the walls down with "Like Nia Long in a cherry thong with the lights on/Sippin' Perignon with Kelly Price on/I pull out my python, I hit it while my wife's gone/Long-dick the bitch all night, I'll make her pussy sing the song." Now what's fucking with that?