Produced By: Buckwild
Album: 4,5,6
Label: Cold Chillin'

What's not to love about this glorious Queens connection rich with wrong-side-of-the-law imagery and machine-gun flows? Nas and Kool G Rap on the same record is like Magic and Kareem on the same team taking the NBA title. The happy-go-lucky Buckwild production is some straight-up '90s goodness that makes you nostalgic for Giuliani-era NY (the music, not the mayor—fuck Giuliani!). The final verse with the Kool Genius of Rap and the Half Man Half Amazin' going line for line—G Rap: "Two players rockin' silk blazers and diamonds like glaciers"/Nas: "Lands with name-brand seats reclinin' like it's spacious"—is mind-blowing.