Album: Uncle Sam's Curse
Label: Ruthless
Producer: Cold 187um, DJ-Koss, KMG

Concept: Instead of an all-American orphan with superhuman abilities, Superman is a Compton drug slinger. And instead of doing everything in his power to protect Lois Lane, he risks life and limb to support his single mama. In a market clogged with superhero blockbusters, how is this prospective movie not on Don Cheadle’s shooting schedule?

Until it gets to the big screen, we’ll have to settle for the biggest hit by the highly underrated Above the Law, a team of fiercely imaginative rappers and producers that basically kept Ruthless relevant in the early 1990s. In their view, gang bangers are more like superheros than villains. Hutch has the last word: “Uh, you really wanna know why I sold scum?/Because my mama to me comes number one.”