T-Pain is an innovator in his own right. So after his latest issue with Instagram’s direct message folders, Pain decided to sit down with the platform’s owner and Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to brainstorm ways of trying to improve its design. 

Pain was able to pull Zuckerberg into a recent Instagram Live session. Together, they tried to devise a way that shows users when a person has DM’d them even if they don’t see the message in their requested or general folders. This led Zuckerberg to explain why Instagram created the requested feature. 

“The reason we have the ‘request feature’ is to prevent bullying or spam and other unwanted interactions. To be able to filter that out,” he said. “Ideally, we should be able to figure out who the other people who might be sending you messages are who should get into that. The feature isn’t quite as advanced today as hopefully, it is in the future.”

Pain made headlines last month when he revealed that his request folder was filled with messages from celebrities like Viola Davis, Fergie, Jamie Foxx, and more looking to collaborate. But because he didn’t understand the concept, they went unanswered. T-Pain admits that the request folder is a good idea. However, for someone with his fame and popularity, he thinks there should be a way for him to filter through spam/trolls easier.

“I kinda feel like on principle anytime Rihanna sends you a message it should go into your main inbox,” Zuckerberg said in agreeance. 

T-Pain went on to address other functional issues that were bothering users, like the new position of the post button. 

Watch T-Pain’s convo with Mark up top, and his full IGTV video below.