[Pusha-T joins the call]

Pusha-T: Listen, I ain’t even going to say where we at. All I’ll say is this: The album of the motherfucking year is coming. A Pusha album takes a long time. It takes a long time to put this shit together, but when it comes together, ain’t nothing fucking with it. We stamping that on everything. I don’t care what they say, how they act. I don’t care how viral they go, none of that. Nothing is fucking with it. 

I’m on some one thousand percent rap superhero shit, man. There’s a lot going on. This NIGO album is going to be fucking incredible. You already know Victor Victor is like the taste level label of the new generation. All the new shit is happening right now. You know me, I have to reinvent myself. I just have to reinvent my greatness.

“The album of the motherf*cking year is coming.” – Pusha-T

What would you name this upcoming era of Pusha-T?
Pusha-T: This era of Push is probably the most relaxed and competitive. I take the game so lightly, because now I know I’m so different. I know nobody is touching me on the street rap tip. It’s just not happening. I just want them to understand my foundation, and when it comes to my foundation, ain’t nobody fucking with me on that. So now I just take it all so lightly, and just be great. You ain’t see me do nothing for the last two years except hold my child and build homes. I just wanted the world to see my son. He’s so beautiful. I just wanted to drill that into the world for 19 good months, now it’s time to go.

[Pusha-T hands the phone back to Steven Victor]

Victor: The Pusha album is coming sooner than you think. And we’re dropping back to back to back. You know when the President comes to town and they have the procession and all that, and the trucks, and it feels never-ending? That’s how we’re coming this year. Tonight, we’re leaving here and going to the studio. We’re working on Donda 2. We’re putting the finishing touches on Pusha’s album.

So the wheels are in full motion for Donda 2?
Listen, that’s coming sooner than you think. The procession is starting and it’s not stopping.