Atlanta rapper Trouble has taken issue with Soulja Boy following the release of his new song “Stretch Some,” which some have perceived as a diss against Young Dolph.

Following the release of the track, which arrived the same day Dolph was shot and killed in Memphis, some fans and Trouble suggested the timing of the song was disrespectful, especially because Soulja dissed Dolph last week.

“I like da lil silly shit Soulja be doing time to time, it’s entertainment, I get it,” Trouble tweeted on Thursday. “Don’t be no puss azz n***a na drop no song kalled ‘stretch sump’ da next dayy as if u got active in my dawg losin his life dou! Das ho shit luh bruh @souljaboy an u know wuzzam wit me.” Trouble shared his own tribute to Dolph and offered his support to close collaborator Key Glock on Wednesday.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Soulja Boy responded and suggested the song does not reference Dolph. “That song been out but what u wanna do n***a?” he wrote. “U sound tough as hell on the internet fuck u talking about n***a. … Police ass n***a @TroubleDTE.” He also added, “The truth hurts, and bitch I’m the truth.”

In comments made un the Shade Room’s comments section, Soulja clarified that the song leaked “months” ago. 

“Bitch ass boy u could be next @TroubleDTE,” he added in another since-deleted tweet. It’s worth noting that Soulja Boy is scheduled to release a new project, Big Draco 2, on Friday.

Soulja recently accused Dolph of lying about how much he makes. “That’s big cap,” Soulja said after Dolph claimed he brought in $100k per show despite being independent. “I’m really 100% independent no cap.” During that same Instagram Live stream last week, Soulja also laughed about a previous shooting incident in which Dolph was injured.

Young Dolph was shot and killed at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies in Memphis on Wednesday. The 36-year-old rapper, who is survived by two children, was pronounced dead at the scene.