Soulja Boy joined Pharrell, Scott, and Fam-Lay on the return of their Apple Music 1 podcast OTHERtone to talk about a plethora of things, including when a 17-year-old Soulja met up with Kanye West at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

While their current feud might not reflect the sentiments Soulja was sharing during the episode, the rapper talked about how much he loved Kanye and how he was excited to perform with him after ’Ye had invited him to the show.

“I think I remember a story when you did the MTV Awards in 2007 and you performed in Kanye’s suite,” Scott asks. “It wasn’t even the show that invited you. It was Kanye reaching out to you directly asking you to perform.”

Soulja says he doesn’t remember if it was Kanye or MTV who invited him to the VMAs, but shared how much they communicate and how it all went down in 2007.

“I love Kanye. Me and Kanye talk every day, man. ... But yeah, back then I was like 17, and we were just in Vegas doing our thing. It wasn’t nothing regular,” he recounts. “I don’t want to try to think about stuff too much. Anytime they want me to do some awards or red carpet, I just say yes and just go have fun. But it was crazy because we couldn’t go nowhere. They had me locked in the room. They was like, ‘You’re 17. We got alcohol in here. You can’t come out here.’ I couldn’t come out the room until it was time to perform with Kanye. Then after the show, they put me back in the room and locked me in. It was funny. I was like, ‘Yo, this is funny. MTV, what is y’all doing?’”