In a series of videos posted to his Instagram Stories, rapper Rick Ross criticized a delivery man after he requested to see his ID before handing over a package.

The first clip shows Ross approaching the truck as it arrived on his property, filming the delivery man and asking if he has a delivery for “the biggest boss, Rick Ross.” He proceeded to film as the man took out the package, and his gardeners looked on. “Hol’ up, what you say you need?” he said when the delivery guy politely asked to see his identification. “I’m the boss, I don’t need ID. Boss, Rozay.”

The driver confirmed that the package was addressed to Rick Ross’ real name, William Leonard Roberts II, to which Ross said, “Yeah that’s me, gimme that.” The man refused, and once again asked to see some identification. “This the ID,” he said as he pointed to one of his lavish motorbikes. He then, as the man eventually handed over the package in a moment he didn’t film, thanked him in Spanish. “Muchas Gracias,” he said. Though Ross doesn’t outright say what’s in the package, the rapper alluded to it containing jewelry. “Million on the pinky,” he can be heard saying. 

The videos have provoked a reaction on social media from some critical of Ross. Some suggested that he was making the driver’s job more difficult in an attempt to “flex,” while others laughed at the idea that everyone would immediately know who Rozay is.

Ross’ latest viral moment comes not long after he released the deluxe edition of his Richer Than I Ever Been album.