“We most definitely coming out with all our solo projects.” – Quavo

Could “Strub Tha Ground” be prepping up for a new compilation project for Quality Control?
It’s most definitely a Quality Control compilation project coming, but I think this record right here is going to come on my album.

Yung Miami, this is your first solo feature. Although City Girls has no plans of splitting up, have you and JT ever discussed dropping solo projects? 
Yung Miami: No, we never got that far. 

What are the City Girls working on right now that we should know about? 
Yung Miami: We currently got a lot of songs. Right now, we’re just trying to focus on our next single. And after we do our next single release, we plan on putting out an album.

What can we expect from the next City Girls project? Are you all trying anything new or different? 
Yung Miami: Yes, we’ve got all types of vibes. We’ve got a little R&B vibes, we’ve got a little turn-up vibes. We still got that fuck-that-nigga vibe. We have a lot of different emotions and different things that we’re working with for this new album. 

Quavo, are you and the rest of Migos looking to release another round of solo projects next, or moving on to the next group project? 
Quavo: We most definitely coming out with all our solo projects.

What can we expect from your second solo project? Are you experimenting with any sounds this time? 
Quavo: A lot of melodies. [Migos] tended to put a lot of rap records on our albums, on Culture III this year. And we kind of missed some of that Kelly Price-type of vibes, some of them old melodic vibes. So that’s where I probably will come in. Of course, I’m going to hit them folks some of them “Straightening” records, but more melodies.

In 2019, you told us you guys made over 50 songs with Drake on tour. Do you have plans to release any of those soon?
Quavo: Sometimes they just be good vibes that you just hold on to. We kind of feel like it’s outdated, so I don’t know. Maybe we’ll get some new ones. That’s my dog, so it ain’t no pressure on him.

What is the next era of Migos looking like?
Quavo: I feel like us together, we do a lot. We have done a lot. I feel like we individually haven’t. Our first album out was always successful. And at the same time, we was on the Migos tour. So I think this is the time to really show y’all where we came from individually. Y’all appreciate the group more right now. 

Do you have a timeline for your solo albums?
Quavo: Not yet. We’re still working. We just having fun right now. “Strub Tha Ground” is a fun record and we wanted to drop it before the summer ended. We wanted to end the summer with some good “Strub Tha Ground,” ass-shaking type of vibe, and we’re just going to keep dropping good music. I don’t think we’re directing it towards anything. I don’t necessarily want to call it a hit single because we’re just having fun. So I just want to drop these hits and keep dropping hits every week, every month. Get that flow going, kind of like that Migos Monday feel.