Quando Rondo has a lot of eyes on him following his involvement in King Von’s murder. This led him to sit down with Angela Yee to dispel some of the rumors claiming that he’s dissing the deceased rapper

For the fourth installment of Quando’s interview with Yee, the Savannah, Georgia native decided to focus on his song, “End of Story.” Throughout this track, Quando vividly describes Von’s death and his feelings toward it.

Many people viewed the song as a diss since Von had a popular song series called “Crazy Story.” However, Rondo insists that he wasn’t alluding to the late rapper in any way with the title. 

“Me saying ‘End of Story’ is just me saying this is the end of the story,” Quando said, while explaining that the song was supposed to be the last time he touched on the topic. “I had no intentions—To be honest with you, ma’am, I didn’t even know bruh has three or four songs called ‘Crazy Stories.’”

To solidify his claims, Rondo called one of his associates he describes as his “big brother” on the phone. The rapper tells Yee that he was at this friend’s house when they made the song and the friend confirmed that dissing Von wasn’t their goal. 

“I think you was saying you wasn’t going to talk about it no more. You was done with it,” his friend said through the phone. “At first, you said something like ‘End of Discussion’ …. Lowkey, I didn’t pay attention until it came out.”

Watch part four of Quando Rondo’s interview with Angela Yee above.