In what is perhaps one of the strangest crossovers of the year, rapper Pusha T has responded to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense offering him a shout-out.

“Great taste in music for the win,” wrote Pusha in response to a tweet from Defense of Ukraine, which made reference to his 2013 track “Numbers on the Boards.” 

“I put numbers on the boards – @Pusha_T,” read the tweet, which highlighted the total number of combat losses Russia has faced from the start of Putin’s invasion in February to September 7. King Push’s reply to the tweets would indicate that he’s firmly on Ukraine’s side, so Putin should be feeling nervous if he’s hiding any children

As a result of the simple tweet, it’s possible that Push could end up on a growing list of American citizens currently banned from entering Russia. As announced earlier this week, Ben Stiller and Sean Penn, two vocal critics of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, have been banned from Russia for life. The so-called “stop list” comprises 25 people in total, and also includes the likes of Senators Kirsten Cinema, Richard Scott, Patrick Toomey Jr., and Mark Kelly.

Push recently contributed to Vevo’s CTRL series of live performances, delivering two fan favorite tracks from his album It’s Almost Dry. Ripping through performances of the Kanye-produced “Dreamin of the Past” and the Pharrell-produced album opener “Brambleton,” matching the pin-point accuracy of his delivery on the studio versions.