On March 5, Vancouver-based musician and producer wzrdryAV will release his expansive double album, Midnight Visions, via the Brighton-based imprint, party and podcast Accidental Meetings. The new project will feature 20 tracks split over two sides, with one side filled with fuzzy, dub techno-influenced cuts and the other with beatless, more ambient creations.

Ahead of the release, he’s been teasing out some of the tracks and today it’s A-side closer “Amiga Lab”. Living up to the “chilled dub-techno esque jams” label he ascribed to it, “Amiga Lab” is a hypnotising throb of analog fuzz and fragile synth washes guided along by the gentle beats at the track’s heart.

Though both sides employ liberal use of field recordings and samples, the end results are starkly different. His goal, he says, was “to take two of my worlds and put them in one place as an experiment in contrast,” and “Amiga Lab” is the perfect example of that, full of drive but relaxed enough that it sets the scene for what’s about to come.

While we wait for the full album, zone out with “Amiga Lab” below and pre-order the album here.