Having cultivated a following in his hometown of Liverpool, rising R&B talent TEE is now setting his sights on the wider world. Later this month he'll release his new EP, A DOZEN ROSES // A Love Story, but ahead of that he's putting out visuals for self-produced single "Crown Of Thorns". Directed by Rebecca Oliver and Nikki Dyer, the visuals use the grand stained glass backdrop of a local church as the setting for this uplifting, soul-nourishing get-together.

Joined by fellow scousers Lauren Iyra, R&B three-piece Little Grace and a choir, TEE shows off his rap chops, laying on the charm to win over the girl of his dreams. Elsewhere on the EP, expect themes of fatherhood, vulnerability, mental health, and love, all with the same easy-going charm that makes this one so appealing.

A DOZEN ROSES // A Love Story officially lands February 26.