After kicking off the year with double A-side drop “Hackers / I Am The Ghost”, North London hip-hop duo Subculture Sage are back with their new single, “Unconditional”.

This track marks the latest drop in a flurry of renewed activity from the pair that’s all building towards their recently announced, self-titled new album. Clearly firing on all cylinders, you can hear they’re re-energised in every facet of the new track. Over an instrumental flecked with East Asian influences from producer Subculture, MC Hypeman Sage slips into a flurry of typically fast-talking rhymes and sleight-of-hand wordplay. They’ve never been ones to rest on their laurels, but this current burst of creativity bodes very well for Subculture Sage’s self-titled new album, which is due for release on June 11.

Ahead of the official release of “Unconditional” tomorrow (March 19), listen exclusively below and pre-order the single here.