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South London singer-songwriter Santino Le Saint, who made our R&B artists to watch list for 2021, is today unveiling the visuals for his new single, “Dopamine”, featuring Newham rapper Lancey FouxAfter remaining relatively lowkey this year, following a number of releases last year in Rage of AngelsRed Pill, and Blue Pill, Santino is ready to roll out some new material.

Produced by Ken Samson, “Dopamine” is a trippy, trap-leaning R&B effort, with Auto-Tuned melodies throughout. And, much like the track’s subject matter, it’s very much addictive. The accompanying video, directed by Ben Cross and Emmy winner Brendan O’Connor, features neon-tinted backdrops interspersed with shots of the two artists with flamethrowers, matching the song’s equally explosive nature. 

Speaking about the new drop, Santino told Complex: “Coming off the Blue Pill and Red Pill EPs, my headspace was still in the theme of the Matrix, and I was listening back to Blue Pill loads. On reading the titles ‘Serotonin’, ‘Ecstasy’, and ‘The Party’, I wanted to deliver a song that would conclude the feeling of the tape, as well as collaborating to end the Pills phase. Ken Samson, a dope producer from the UK, sent me a pack of three beats, and this one grabbed me immediately. I recorded the song later that night. My managers are good friends with Lancey, and I’d met him a few times at parties; I knew that as soon as I laid the hook down, he would be perfect for it. I’ve always felt like a lot of UK artists outside of rap don’t collaborate, so I feel like it’s key for two artists from London like Lancey and I to create something unique.” 

Watch the visuals for “Dopamine” exclusively above, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.