Ever since she released her debut single “Into The Dawn” in 2019, Manchester-hailing RAHH has been plotting a steady course to the top of the UK R&B game with a steady stream of singles combining soulful R&B melodies with almost club-ready electronics. 

Last year was relatively quiet for solo releases—although she did contribute to singles by Levi Jay and Macky Gee—but as it turns she was hard at work on what would become her debut EP. Details on that are scarce for now, but we do at least have the first track from the upcoming EP, a sultry piece tale of seduction and obsession called “Weave My Web”.

The electronic-R&B fusion that’s become her trademark is right at the fore on this one, but it stops just shy of being club-ready. Instead, it keeps a restrained tempo like predator stalking its prey, which is entirely deliberate given what she tells us is the central theme of the song.

Speaking on that very theme, she comments: “‘Weave My Web’ tells the story of toxic desire and lust for someone that you can’t have, whilst teetering on that fine line between ‘like’ and ‘slightly obsessed’. It’s about patiently plotting and planning your move in order to ultimately entrap the one you want, just like a Black Widow spider—they are notorious for catching their male prey and eating them. The production comes with an understated sexy coolness that matches the playful narrative perfectly.”