As the Godson of Chaka Khan, singer-songwriter NoMBe was all but destined to be a musician — and he’s making a decent go of it to say the least. Last month he released his second album, CHROMATOPIA, and today he returns to one of the album’s highlights, “This Is Not A Love Song”, to give it some visuals. 

As the title suggests, it’s definitely not a love song; in fact, it’s more of an anti-ballad. Instead of moping, he’s decided to share his thoughts with a dreamy pop banger. Essentially, it’s a tune for those messy breakups where you feel the need to put a brave face on it all and tell whoever just broke your heart that, despite the fact you’ve very obviously been crying recently, you’re actually doing really amazing without them.

The track, he says, was one of his favourites on the album and despite the melodrama, it sounds as if he had a lot of fun with it. “I painted this image of me basically laying on the floor of my apartment and going through one bottle of liquor after the other and the floor is covered in liquor and I drank myself to death and the song’s told from the perspective of me basically having died,” he says. 

For the visuals, he and director B filmed out in Hawaii where he put on his best suit and wandered wistfully along the beautiful beaches with his only his heartbreak to keep him company. 

Speaking about the video, NoMBe told us via email: “I love how this music video turned out for its simplicity. We shot in Hawaii during a really rainy period and luckily found a nice day to knock this one out. Originally we were trying to build a giant mirror out of those smaller pieces seen in the clip, but it was such an understanding we decided to make it more about the different angles and locations.”

Hit play on the video at the top and make sure you add “This Is Not A Love Song” to all your playlists.