This Friday, May 28, French producer and musician GONE will release his debut EP, Sources, a statement of intent that introduces us to his delicate, restrained sound. 

Centred around warm electronic textures and sweeping sonics, the gentle waves of sound and delicately placed vocals are all painstakingly introduced into the mix to create the most gradual build-up possible. Subtlety is the star of the show here, but there’s also something emotionally stirring in both the way its executed and the pained snippets of singing that slip in and out of the track, leading to a startling abrupt end.

Speaking on the EP’s creation, Gone writers: “I am starting a musical adventure where I will project myself all over the world. Sharing my world with as many people as possible is an absolute dream. I am also preparing a dark scenography, intrinsically linked to the history of GONE. My music is an escape. In front of my speakers, I often try to create a parallel universe, beyond the foreground instruments and combining voice with music without one overriding the other.”

Before Sources drops this Friday, tune into “Saved” below.