Born in Sardinia, raised in Salento and with ties to Puerto Rico and Cuba, multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Poso pours every ounce of his intertwining roots into his music. He’s been steadily dropping jazz-centred heaters for a little over a decade now and today he’s sharing his new single, “La Bola”, a scorching creation brimming with heatwave energy.

Like much of his output, “La Bola” is guided by his lifelong love of, and talent for, invigorating percussion and lively rhythms. A large part of that, of course, owes to his background in the Central and South American countries he’s spent time in as well as his parents’ extensive and well-informed collection of jazz, soul, and Afro-Latin records.

The new track gets its official release, alongside a remix from Nickodemus, on July 9, before making an appearance on Poso’s seventh studio album, Tamburo Infinito, which is due for release on October 1 via Wonderwheel Recordings. While you wait, get the first listen below and pre-order the album here