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Earlier this year, Northampton’s DeBe stormed through with his debut project, The Last Breath. 10 tracks of smart-talking rap and bone-dry wit that couldn’t have come from anyone else, the LP built on years of hard work and planted his flag firmly in the scene.

Although the tape’s still fresh in our heads, DeBe’s still kept at it in the studio and today he presents the visuals for his latest concoction, “Nice Guy”. The single officially hits streaming services tomorrow, October 8, but before that lands he’s lifting the lid on the track’s visuals.

Just like the man himself, the visuals are larger than life, but there is a serious point buried beneath the jokes and jibes. It might all seem a bit tongue in cheek, but our protaginist has had to do one or two things he’s not entirely proud of. “I’m a nice guy and I question some of the actions I’ve followed through with in the past however, sometimes it’s appropriate”, DeBe explains. “I’m a very yin yang person, nice guy being one side”.

Production comes from Chase and according to DeBe, it all fell into place almost as soon as they hit the studio. “I saw Chase at ALT LDN festival and the week after I hit him up to lock in a session,” he explains. “I linked him and he played me a load of slappers. This beat stood out and I wrote the hook in 5 mins, I was rapping it over and over. I came up with half the first verse and I was so gassed, I recorded what I wrote and kept going…”

Ahead of the single’s official release, press play on the new video at the top.