This has been a defining moment in the career of Einer Bankz, too. For years, he’s been working on building up his résumé as a producer, but many of the songs still haven’t been formally released. He knows that getting a No. 1 hit with a longtime collaborator like Polo G is the kind of turning point that will help legitimize his song-making abilities to the rest of the rap world.

“Nothing would have been more natural for my first big hit than something that’s been built over time with an artist like Polo,” he says. “It validates everything I started, and the dream I had coming into this five years ago.”

Bankz is already seeing a shift in how his pursuits as a producer are being viewed by friends, family, and collaborators. Now, he pictures more rollouts like “Rapstar,” pointing out that it might become somewhat of a blueprint in the future. “The videos aren’t going to stop, but it’s just going to be on a new level. If you see me doing a video and posting it on Instagram, there’s a high likelihood it can turn into a song that I produce, too. That’s the change I want to see.”

He was just working on a new song in the studio with Polo G the other night, and he says there are “a lot of songs that exist with a lot of the artists that you see on my page.” Now, Bankz has plans to release another album of his own and continue to build up a team of producers behind him. “The sky is really the limit,” he says. “I did this with a ukulele. Fuck. You can’t really tell me shit about what I can’t do.”

And for Polo G, of course, all the success of “Rapstar” will only build more hype for his third studio album. “Hall of Fame is the name of my next album, so I just wanted to put out a real subliminal of what’s to come,” he says, referring to the hall of fame imagery he included in the “Rapstar” video.

“On the next album, they can expect a star-studded feature list and a lot of versatility,” he adds. “I’ve got a lot of different types of music on it. I’ve got something that somebody from any type or facet of life could pull from on this project. If you don’t like the standard pain, melodic rap, I’ve got something that’s going to turn you up, too. I’ve got all types of shit for somebody to fuck with.”