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The Show Must Be Paused, an initiative founded by Brianna Agyemang and Jamila Thomas that’s aimed at fighting for music industry accountability, has announced a month-long career fair series in collaboration with Culture Fusion Agency and Music Forward.

The program is built on the goal of educating and exposing college students about the many facets of the music industry. As explained in a press release, the series’ target audience is Black and Brown students who are presently enrolled in college in the U.S.

Attendees can expect to hear from a number of industry leaders from a wide variety of labels and other music-focused companies, all while keeping safety in mind thanks to its presentation with Twitter through Zoom technologies.

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“We’re really excited to launch our Books to the Boardroom career series!” Agyemang and Thomas said in a joint statement. “Since the inception of The Show Must Be Paused, we’ve emphasized that our mission was to hold the music industry at large accountable, that also includes holding ourselves accountable and reaching back to uplift the next generation of future executives and entrepreneurs. The goal we are setting out to achieve is to expose Black and Brown students around the country to the vast range of career opportunities within the music industry. Hoping we can give them a head start on a plan beyond the classroom and how to work their way all the way up to the boardroom. Those students are the future of the business and we are just showing them the possibilities and what better time to show them, then during Black History Month.”

To register, click here. And below, see a rundown of what to expect with each panel discussion.