Paloma Ford delivered the sleek X Tapes last year, and now she’s revisiting the project with a Chandler Lass-directed video for her Rick Ross collaboration, “All For Nothing.”

“’All for Nothing’ is the lead track for X Tapes and reflects the essence of the project,” Ford explained to Complex. “It’s the climax to a moment where things fall apart, and you have the choice to move past it or bask in the loss. It’s about having that true moment of honesty with yourself. I wanted the concept to be as strong as the lyrics and the message in the song and reflect my journey through love, loss, and the power behind these moments.”

The video reflects the atmosphere and mood of the track perfectly, with Ross and Ford drinking in the back of a car slowly driving through the rain. There’s a sense of melancholy and grief, but by the end of the video Ford has a smile on her face once again.

As for why she wanted Ross on the track, she explained he was the “only voice” she had in mind after the track started to come together. “He gave the track unique dimension that only the Big Boss knows how to do,” she added. “I’m grateful for his support on the record as well as the visual.”

Watch the video for “All for Nothing” and revisit Paloma Ford’s X Tapes above.