A clip of Oliver Tree beating up a fan at a recent performance in New York City is making the rounds online.

TMZ reports that the singer had a gig at the Forgotten Runes NFT convention. At some point, an enthusiastic fan hopped on stage and attempted to place their hat on Tree’s head, which is when he started beating the fan up. Tree can be seen throwing the fan on the ground and swinging at him before security comes to break the fight up and removes the fan from the stage.

“Get the fuck out of here and get this fucking prick out of here!” Tree can be heard yelling into the mic. Apparently, the cops weren’t called and the fan offered up some words as he was being removed from the show: “Don’t go on stage or you will get beat up by Oliver Tree.” It appears that Logan Paul was also at the show.

Tree released his second studio album, Cowboy Tears this February, as a follow-up to his 2020 debut Ugly is Beautiful. Last year also saw the singer collaborate with Lil Yachty on the song “Asshole,” a melodic pop track on which Tree sings the chorus. He also directed the music video: a version of Yachty’s own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, rather than Everlasting Gobstoppers, Tree tries to take one of the rapper’s many chains—and this leads Yachty to retaliate.