It’s a new year and Moneybagg Yo has decided to start it off right by breaking old habits and quitting lean.

The “Wockesha” rapper took to Twitter to reveal he’s now sober and thankful for it, explaining that he was fearful at first that the lack of substances would make him less creative.

“I use to think being sober would fuck wit my creative process, I see dats just a mind thing cuz I been more active skin glowing and I been dropping nun but pressure 🔥 #NomoWockesha 📉,” Yo tweeted on Tuesday.

Even though Moneybagg Yo has officially said he’s off lean now, the rapper has been on this journey for a while now. A year ago, Yo sat down with Rob Markman and talked about the process he was going through trying to quit it.

Then his track “Wockesha” exploded, with Yo coining it as being the “official lean anthem.”

NLE Choppa later issued a challenge to the rapper via social media to quit lean in June, and though Yo didn’t say much then, he responded with a simple handshake emoji to gesture that he accepted it.