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Fresh off a breakout year in 2020, Melii has announced that she is quitting the music industry. 

The 24-year-old Harlem rapper took to Twitter Friday to announce that she has decided not to make music anymore. The artist also said she has given away all her rights to her music. “The real reason I haven’t released music is because behind the scenes legally things have been going on but I decided as of today to give up all my rights to my music,” Melii wrote in a post that has since been deleted. “I no longer want to continue doing music off of the strength that in this business you can’t really trust.”

“I apologize to my fans but i don’t care to do music when it’s in other ppl hands and greed is the main reason, she continued. “Aside from just legal stuff, I haven’t been myself not in this industry or environment. You never know peoples real intentions with you and I say this to say Do what you love but when it becomes draining, gets u paranoid, u don’t feel ur self anymore and or start can’t figure out who is really on ur side just take the high road.”

The news arrives amid a recently quiet period for Melii, who hasn’t put out much new music in the past two years. Since the release of her debut EP Motions in October 2019, the Harlem artist has returned with two singles: the Smoove’L-assisted “BDE,” which arrived in May 2020, and “You Ain’t Worth It,” which she dropped last December.